Eric Peterson, Board Chair of the Commercial Receivership Association, discusses commercial receiverships with Brian Hockett of Thompson Coburn LLP.

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State Director of Missouri

Brent King

Managing Director | B. Riley Financial


Brent King is an executive management and financial advisory professional with over 22 years’ experience in distressed management and advisory services and over 32 years’ experience as a corporate executive leader. Prior to joining GlassRatner (now doing business as B. Riley Advisory Services), Mr. King served as the founder of Prairie Advisors, a middle market corporate advisory firm that placed Mr. King into multiple interim management and advisory roles at heavily distressed corporations. Mr. King has served as the C-level executive or senior advisor to both public and private corporations.

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Important information relating to Missouri state commercial receiver statutes

Statutes §§ 515.500 through 515.665 apply to receiverships

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