Who We Are

About CRA

Receivership is and continues to be a viable option for creditors to reclaim their interest in financially distressed companies.

Creating the CRA was in part informed by the effort to adopt uniform receivership laws to allow for a consistent source of information about the movement in this space throughout the country. Members will now have one place that will provide current information on the law and on opportunities to participate in receiverships.

Our Mission

Empowering the Education and Standardization of Commercial Receivership Administration while providing education, networking and practical resources for our members.

Meet Our Board

Eric Peterson

Eric represents companies in need of financial restructuring whether through bankruptcy, receivership, or workout negotiations, and he represents banks, investors, creditors, and financial institutions in maximizing recoveries on unpaid debt.  He has a breadth of experience in utilizing judicial processes when necessary, and is regularly recognized as being among the best litigation attorneys in America.  He is also trained as a mediator.

Eric Moraczewski
Eric Moraczewski

Eric works with companies of all industries assisting in turnarounds, receiverships and change management. Eric’s experience with small businesses, nonprofits and public-private partnerships, especially his financial acumen within these groups, allows Eric to bring a broad knowledge base to his work as a receiver and consultant.

Sonette Magnus
Sonette Magnus

Sonette T. Magnus counsels corporate clients through all phases of commercial litigation, including pre-suit evaluations, discovery, mediation, expert witness preparation, trial preparation and when advisable, trial. She regularly creates and implements litigation strategy, always being mindful of the external factors that can influence a trial (such as geography, socio-economic realities, and jury composition).


Have Questions?

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us. We are happy to talk about the value we bring to your organization, the importance of education on receiverships or the value of receiverships as a whole.