Speaking/Publishing Opportunities

These solicitations are primarily for CRA members, occasionally we go outside of membership to ensure we can bring in the best experience possible, but highlighting our members and their experience is our priority.

Receivership 101

For the Receivership 101 series, we’ve partnered with DailyDAC to build a library on the basics of receivership.  The primary intended audience(s) for these are bankers and potentially judges.  We still have several open topics available for those interested in speaking, please contact info@commercialreceiver.org if you are interested.

  • Factors in your decision tree when deciding whether to file (ideally looking for a banker for this one)
  • Developing the Receivership Order
  • Funding a Receivership
  • Handling local, state, and federal taxes in a receivership
  • Handling disbursements/payments in a receivership
  • Reporting in a receivership
  • How do you wind down a company in a receivership
  • How do you close out a receivership

Case Studies and Articles

We’re always looking for Case Studies or Articles that can be published in our newsletter, in our membership database and potentially with our partners.  Have an idea for an article?  Send us a note at info@commercialreceiver.org.  Or we have a few that have been requested, if you’re interested in taking on one of these send us a note to make sure it hasn’t been started already.

  • What to do when you come across fraud in a receivership?
  • Transitioning a limited receivership into a general receivership
  • Taking over a receivership from another receiver
  • When is receivership a better approach than chapter 11?
  • The Impact of the 2024 Corporate Transparency Act on Receivers

Annual Conference & Webinars

2024 Annual Conference Opportunities

  • What to Include in a Receiver’s Report to Court
  • State Governed Industries in Receivership
  • Securitization: The Ins and Outs of CMBS Receiverships
  • Hot Topics in Receivership

In addition to these topics we will again be doing interviews at the Annual Conference.  If interested in being interviewed about your practice there will be information made available when the conference app opens up 3 months prior to the conference.

Upcoming Webinars with Available Opportunities

Interested in being on one of these panels, send us a note with a bit about why you’re a good fit to info@commercialreceiver.org.


We are currently seeking panelists for the following panels.  If you are interested in speaking as a part of any of the below panels or have an idea for a webinar or conference panel that you would like to take part in please email info@commercialreceiver.org.

CRA State Panels

  • Health Care Receiverships in Georgia
  • Receivership Trends Panel at our Iowa Launch
  • Receivership Trends Panel at our Nebraska Launch
  • Receivership Trends Panel at our Indiana Launch
  • Receivership Trends Panel at our Alabama Launch
  • Receivership Trends Panel at our Ohio Launch
  • Receivership Trends Panel at our Kentucky Launch
  • Receivership Trends Panel at our Louisiana Launch
  • Receivership Trends Panel at our Arkansas Launch

Other Panels

We’re working with a number of State Bankers Associations on our education pieces with them.  Check back for specific opportunities.