(ST. LOUIS, MO) January 1, 2024 – The Commercial Receivers Association continues to grow with the announcement of two new state directors in Colorado and Texas.  The CRA is a national membership organization focused on empowering the education and standardization of Commercial Receivership Administration. CRA is proud to continue the strong momentum with the appointments of Stephanie Drew of Rubin Brown in Colorado and Greg Milligan of Harney Partners in Texas.

The appointments of Ms. Drew and Mr. Milligan follow the growth in both Colorado and Texas, respectively.  Ms. Drew follows Ryan Gulick of The Receiver Group in Colorado and Mr. Milligan follows Howard Marc Spector of Spector Cox, PLLC in Texas.  Mr. Gulick and Mr. Spector proudly came in as the first two state directors for the CRA and have served with great success allowing for the growth of the Association and passing the baton to Ms. Drew and Mr. Milligan.

“We couldn’t be happier to welcome Stephanie and Greg.  They’ve been active members of the CRA since they began engaging with the association.  Stepping into the new role will allow them to further their efforts in the CRA and continue the growth of their already impressive receivership practices,” said Board Member Eric Moraczewski.

Through education, professional networking, promotion of members and where appropriate, legislative action, the CRA continues to be a member-driven organization that promotes, improves, and maximizes the value of state court receivership.  The CRA is proud to offer a community where professionals can benefit from the experiences of one another, can network and can steer the development of receivership practice in states across the country to maximize the value of this very necessary legal tool.

Moraczewski continued to share, “we’re in the process of adding a lot of local events on top of our growing national conference.  Stephanie and Greg will be great leaders and advocates in two states that have been very meaningful for the CRA.”

For more information about CRA or to become a member, please visit www.commercialreceiver.org.


About The Commercial Receivers Association:

Established in 2021, the Commercial Receivers Association is a national membership organization focused on Empowering the Education and Standardization of Commercial Receivership Administration while providing education, networking and practical resources for our members.  For more information, please contact info@commercialreceiver.org or go to www.commercialreceiver.org.