(ST. LOUIS, MO) December 17, 2021 – The Commercial Receivers Association (CRA), a national membership organization focused on educating stakeholders about receiverships and the standardization of commercial receivership administration, officially launched this week.  The kickoff event at Peel Wood Fired Pizza in Clayton, MO, was well attended and received by regional attorneys, bankers, accountants and receivers.  The Commercial Receivers Association is poised for rapid growth across the country.  As such, the CRA already has additional events scheduled in Kansas City (January 20th, 2022), Dallas (February 17th, 2022) and Denver (April 19th, 2022) with dates being scheduled for Ohio, Maryland and Rhode Island for later in 2022.

“Commercial Receivership is a practice that is unique state-to-state; however, Missouri is among the leaders in the development of this important area of law thanks to the Missouri Commercial Receivership Act of 2016,” said Eric Peterson, of the law firm Spencer Fane, LLP, and Board President of the Commercial Receivers Association. “Expanding education and use of receiverships will preserve businesses and jobs and will preserve the value of companies while also assisting creditors maximizing returns on troubled loans.  Receivership can also be a valuable tool for attorneys because in jurisdictions like Missouri where the law is clear, attorneys are more able to give their clients a degree of certainty during the sometimes chaotic environment that arises from financial or other business distress.”

The Commercial Receivers Association provides many great member benefits focused upon connection and education while working to create better standardization of receivership procedure across states.  “We have an opportunity to build a network of specialized, informed and most importantly extremely well-qualified members, which will enhance the utility of commercial receiverships across the country,” said Sonette Magnus, Partner at Thompson Coburn and Board Vice President of the Commercial Receivers Association.

With a focused growth plan in place for the organization, the Commercial Receivers Association is scheduling events for the coming months and planning its inaugural conference for late 2023.  CRA is proud to launch at such a pivotal, significant moment in history and is well positioned for success now and in the future.

About The Commercial Receivers Association:

Established in 2021, the Commercial Receivers Association is a national membership organization focused on Empowering the Education and Standardization of Commercial Receivership Administration while providing education, networking and practical resources for our members.  For more information, please contact info@commercialreceiver.org or go to www.commercialreceiver.org.