(ST. LOUIS, MO) September 12, 2023 – The Commercial Receivers Association (CRA), a national membership organization focused on empowering the education and standardization of Commercial Receivership Administration, continues to grow its Midwest presence with the appointment of Matthew Brash as the new State Director of Illinois. Matthew Brash is a Senior Managing Director and lead professional of Newpoint Advisors Corporation’s nationwide TRAIL (Trustee, Receivership, Assignee, Interim Management, Liquidation) program.

“With well over a decade of experience, Matthew is a well-known and reliable resource in situations which require immediate deployment, strong management, communication and performance in Illinois and across the Midwest,” said Sonette Magnus, Partner at Thompson Coburn and Board Member/Co-Founder of the CRA. “His work with companies, national and global commercial lenders, law firms, private equity firms, and key stakeholders in various turnaround stages will undoubtedly serve him well in his new leadership role within the CRA.”

Through education, professional networking, promotion of members and where appropriate, legislative action, the CRA continues to be a member-driven organization that promotes, improves, and maximizes the value of state court receivership. The CRA is proud to offer a community where professionals can benefit from the experiences of one another, can network and can steer the development of receivership practice in states across the Midwest and across the country as a whole in order to maximize the value of this very necessary legal tool.

“I am honored to be affiliated with such an impactful organization as the Commercial Receivers Association. Starting with my first conversations and meetings with the CRA, it was clear to me that our goals aligned and that we can thrive together. The role of a receiver is not so black and white, so educating and developing our community, our courtrooms and key stakeholders by presenting good practices and resources is a very important goal of mine. I look forward to utilizing Newpoint’s TRAIL program and proprietary tools in growing and enhancing the CRA’s mission across the nation.”

The CRA recently hosted its inaugural conference in August 2023 at Saint Louis Union Station in Saint Louis, MO, in addition to state launches in Florida, Georgia, Washington, DC, Pennsylvania, New York, Washington, Oregon, Illinois, Utah, and Tennessee in 2023. For more information about CRA or to become a member, please visit www.commercialreceiver.org.

About The Commercial Receivers Association:

Established in 2021, the Commercial Receivers Association is a national membership organization focused on Empowering the Education and Standardization of Commercial Receivership Administration while providing education, networking and practical resources for our members. For more information, please contact info@commercialreceiver.org or go to www.commercialreceiver.org.